car About John Conlon

Meet John Conlon, a dedicated family man who found his calling in connecting people to their destinations. With a background as a skilled chef and a heart full of love for his wife Debbie and their two wonderful children, John’s life journey took a heartwarming turn. Married for an inspiring 26 years, John’s love for his family became the cornerstone of his life choices.

manegg From Chef to Caring Driver

Once a passionate chef by trade, John’s life took an unexpected but joyful twist after he met his soulmate, Debbie. Their love story blossomed into a beautiful family, and John’s priorities shifted. Driven to spend more precious moments with his wife and children, he transitioned from the culinary world to join the Town of North Andover’s Department of Public Works.

office Commitment to Community

For an impressive 15 years, John contributed his skills and dedication to the North Andover community through his work with the NA-DPW. His commitment to serving the town showcased his strong sense of responsibility and deep care for the people around him.

blue_car The Birth of a Passion

During the final stretch of his time with the NA-DPW, John’s path took another exciting turn. He ventured into providing local Lyft rides, and in doing so, discovered an unforeseen passion. Connecting with people and getting them to their destinations safely and promptly brought him immense joy.

star2 John’s Reliable Rides

As retirement beckoned, John decided to turn his newfound passion into a thriving venture. That’s when “John’s Reliable Rides” came into being. With a commitment to dependability, safety, and exceptional service, John’s company quickly earned a stellar reputation.

star Five-Star Excellence

Thanks to his warm personality, unwavering dedication, and impeccable driving record, John’s Reliable Rides boasts a remarkable 5-star rating. Clients consistently rave about their positive experiences, citing John’s professionalism, friendly demeanor, and punctuality.

city_sunset Your Journey Awaits

With a heart full of enthusiasm and the road ahead as his canvas, John Conlon is excited to be your companion on the journey of a lifetime. Whether heading to the airport, a crucial appointment, or a special event, you can count on John to get you there safely and on time.

cardash Where Dreams Take the Wheel

For John, it’s not just about driving; it’s about creating memories, forging connections, and making your journey as pleasant as possible. John’s Reliable Rides isn’t just a transportation service; it’s a testament to the power of following your heart and doing what you love.
Wherever you’re headed, let John’s Reliable Rides be your trusted partner in reaching your destination with comfort, care, and a touch of personal warmth. Book a ride today and experience the difference that passion and commitment can make!